• Post published:March 5, 2020
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Artelier. Fashion for eARTh

#UPcycledARTistic by ARTelier aims to recycle denim and other textile materials. The innovative design and handpainted art transform every clothing item into unique or limited edition pieces. Thus, we contribute to the reduction of waste in the textile industry and encourage people to buy consciously.

We are a young team that aims to bring art into everyday life in a responsible and sustainable way. We combine upcycling with painting and design to create clothing with an identity, that respects nature.

We want people to have a relationship with what they are wearing, to represent them, to tell their story. The denim used comes from the clothing stores (old stock), textile scraps from tailor shops or from our customers who want to reinvent their wardrobe.

Global Impact of the fast fashion industry

85% of textiles go to landfills

Textile recycling is currently almost impossible. The existing technology allows only the recycling of those items with 100% cotton composition, wool or polyester.

Our solution extends the life of the clothes, with little impact on the environment. 95% of textile waste can be reused, returned or recycled. In Romania there are only a few specific projects in this area.

Painted creations for a clean planet

#UPcycledARTistic is a sustainable collection of denim-based clothes, created in a modern, avant-garde style, with handmade paintings and textile collages. We want to give the community a viable solution for reusing products from the linear industry. We turn old clothes into unique pieces, which can make any outfit stand out of the crowd. And we didn’t stop here! We have designed other special products, for all types of possible customers: denim dresses for children, feminin pieces with lace, bags, jeans, wallets.

We are now preparing an innovative collection that combines recycled denim with leather, lace, tulle.

We want to build a community focused on clothing upcycling that loves our works and supports us in our mission to reduce waste.

We strongly believe that change begins with each of us! We can make a difference from simple, handy solutions!

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