The ARTistic Team. We dream BIG!

The ARTistic Team. We dream BIG!

  • Post published:March 5, 2020
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Our upcycling story came to life when three passionate people met. People with different backgrounds and knowledge, but complementary. Linda – visual artist, Alexandra – marketing and communication specialist and Vicentiu – the internal consultant with management experience and the pragmatic man who keeps his team with his feet on the ground. What do we all have in common? Values. We believe that in order to determine a big change for a cleaner world we have to make small changes in our micro-communities.

Linda – “I have been a visual artist for 10 years. I started ARTelier as a relaxation after work. The workshop was the kitchen of the apartment where we lived. I painted in my spare time and took product photos on the dishwasher. :)) The first recycling project I started 5 years ago – penguins from used bulbs, turned into Christmas decorations. But I wanted to have an even greater impact on all that means the intelligent use of resources. And how all my pairs of jeans were sprinkled with colored drops during my work time, I wanted a collection based on denim. The production of which we all know is the most polluting in the entire textile industry.”

Alexandra joined this project, with a new breath, full of enthusiasm and experience in communication. “I met Linda through a community focused on coaching and entrepreneurship. I liked her from the first moment. She distinguished from all those other artists through her business vision. We decided to grow together a fair, beautiful, creative business that will contribute to the good of the community”. Both of us come from families that have DNA tailoring and we have been practicing small clothes from scratches materials. So the direction of the start-up was a natural one. Clothing upcycling + painting = LOVE :)”

Vicentiu left the job of sales manager to help her colleagues with pragmatic opinions and tips on how to do things in their favor. “I left a job in hardware and software and got a creative one. I believe that there was a synergy at the team level. I still set up websites, online shops, but I always throw an eye on painting & creations. Not a single drop of color gets on clothes without my OK. Just kidding! :)) “

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