Creative ARTistic Painting Sets during #StayInside times

Creative ARTistic Painting Sets during #StayInside times


In the past weeks the world has changed, things are far from “normal”. 

Right before covid-19 hit Romania, we succeeded in moving our workshop and store from a tiny space to an old, charming house in the city center. We had really big plans. To launch a glamourous dresses collection, to upcycle a lot more accessories from old jeans, to be part of one of the biggest designers’ fair market – Dichisar – in the April edition. And to find new, creative people for our team, as one of our dear colleagues got sick, without any chance of coming back.

Then Coronavirus hit, leaving us in an excruciating expectation of what will next happen. This will be a serious strain on our health care system and our economy.

However all the social distancing and #stayinside calls have a great positive side that we haven’t taken into account. We shouldn’t use this time to numb ourselves, but use it to connect in new ways more than ever.

Our kids are home from school, yours too? 

This is a real opportunity to re-connect with them, to spend quality time together that will last forever as memories.

With that thought in mind, it hit us. We should give parents and children the tools to have fun inside their homes and to create something that will last and turn it into a great reminder of these harsh times during we were more united than ever.

We created ARTistic Painting Sets. For KIDS, TEEN or PARENTS & KIDS.

An educational and creative set specially designed for small artists. Now the little ones no longer need an easel and painting canvas to create a work to be proud of. The set allows them to learn to draw, to practice their numbers and order through “Connecting the dots” activity, to develop their creativity and to train their logical thinking.

The creative set specially created for family fun consists of 2 organic cotton t-shirts, a set of 4 brushes, professional textile colors and instructions. Paints are water-based, non-toxic and can be used without affecting the health of the child. You can order yours in our online shop.

Each t-shirt for children has a “Connecting the dots” graphics on 4 themes and the message #StayInside: Rainbow, Unicorn, Airplane, Cars.

Watch the video below to see one of our kids having fun with Creative Painting KIDS Set:

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