The Power of a Community can redesign the fashion world

The Power of a Community can redesign the fashion world

We want to tell you a story.

Like any good story, it all began some time ago. More precisely 10 years ago. When Linda, the founding artist, began her experimental work in painting and visual art in her own kitchen. A small kitchen, from a 10 floors building, in which the table was divided into two. Half as working space and the other half for cooking. For almost 5 years she created in this small place. The project has grown fast and turned into a beautiful business. Responsible, honest, transparent, who brought joy to hundreds of customers who love art and unique decorations and clothes.

Unexpectedly, two years ago something wonderful happened. Two really ambitious young people joined ARTelier and we felt that we are not doing enough. We had to go on a journey. We took our heart in our teeth and decided that art will become the engine of our message, and the garment – that object that we cannot dismiss from our lives – will be the vehicle. This is how the UPcycled ARTistic project was born – which aims to upcycle denim and other textile materials. It is our solution to help reduce waste in the textile industry and to encourage people to buy consciously.

This is how the ARTelier Community Kit appeared. It was created for all those brave people who shout with us: Fashion for eARTh!

Now we need you to join us in the adventure. You can support our cause by purchasing the ARTelier Community Kit which contains:

– #UPcycledARTistic t-shirt with denim patch, colored with cheerful drops of paint

– #UPcycledARTistic Bag created from quality patches recovered from preloved jeans

– A print from a painting created by our community members by leaving their fingerprint or a sketch on a canvas made entirely of upcycled denim. You can hang it on your wall at home or you can place it on your desk at your office as reminder that it is within our power to change the world we live in!

Go to and claim the community kit!

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